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Morris Hay-Hiker

Morris Hay-Hiker

Morris Hayhiker – Model 900 – 1400

The answer to the handling of Round Bales. Less damage is made when handling round Bales. Bale core is not damaged due to continues handling with fork type systems. Bale remains secure maintaining density and very little water can protrude into bale.

881 Handles 8 Bales

1400 Handles 14 Bales

Morris Bale Scoop

Handling of Big Pack Bales can be done more effeciently. Productivity is increased with one tractor, one driver and One Bale Scoop. Morris offers a bale scoop which is able to stack the Bale as well.

Models Available 4SR – 12SR – 16K

Medium pack and large bales are easily transported from the land and stacked, saving costs. Less travelling over the land and a savings on machinery maintenance as well.

Morris Pro-Ag

Handle Round bales and Big Square bales from field to storage without leaving the tractor seat. The Morris Hayhiker has been developed to fulfill the need for a simple, cost-effective round bale handling system. The Morris Hay Hikers are designed to quickly and efficiently move large round bales from field to storage. Easy unloading.

The handling of Big Square Bales is quick and easy from the field right up to stacking which is done with one operation cost effective and efficiently, cutting out the excessive use of machinery on the land and maximising transport loads cost effectively.


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